We facilitate a food eco-system that brings value to everyone in it.

We rent lawns

​We pay for your lawn every month and make good use of it. Similar to putting a room up on Airbnb for rent, you can put your lawn up for rent to earn some income and save on money, resources, and effort that would have otherwise been wasted on lawn care.

We turn lawns into urban farms

Our urban farms focus on growing baby greens that go into a salad mix like lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula, and mustard. Homeowners can become a true urban farmer and participate in the growing process to earn up to $18 for an hour of garden work.

We deliver freshly harvested greens

The fruits of everyone's hard work are the delicious salad boxes for our customers. These vegetables contain full nutrients and maintain 3x longer shelf life by being harvested and delivered to you in less than 24 hours. 


A lot of local businesses will say their products are made “right in your own backyard!” as a euphemism for the relative proximity. When they say that at Urban Harvest, the urban farming startup founded by a Northeastern student, they literally want to grow food crops right in your backyard.

Vi Le, a Northeastern student studying business analytics, co-founded the business with James Allen, a University of Massachusetts graduate. They just started in May, and for now are renting a single yard in Everett that had sat empty before it became home to their small farm.


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